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Find your way back to yourself, to your loved ones, to happiness. Sign up for free and participate in Return To Life master class.
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Master Class: Return to Life

Master Class: Return to Life

Some of the clients I work with come in with an identifiable problem. Perhaps they are going through a divorce, an illness, or financial loss. In these cases the problem is situational and the solution is to learn resiliency and coping strategies. And this is doable.

There are a greater and growing number of clients, however, that describe a sense of chronic dissatisfaction, ongoing loneliness and feelings of melancholia. Yet there is no specific reason why. This can be confusing, so we look closer.

Kids are healthy. Work is steady. Good enough marriage. Or good enough divorce. House. Car. Hundreds of Facebook friends, a few offline ones as well, yet…

“Is this it?” some ask. “If so, when does it start to feel good?”

On paper, it works. It looks like a great life. On Facebook, and might even look better. But, nowhere does it feel REALLY GOOD. And that’s confusing, because it also doesn’t feel exactly  “bad” either.  In fact, it might not feel like much at all… that is, until the deep-rooted dissatisfaction begins to take hold, a sort of emptiness, loneliness, nothingness that promises more of the same tomorrow.

“It must be chemical, an imbalance of some sort.” And there’s a pill for that — more than one, in fact. But you’re not convinced that is even the solution, otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading this page, or visiting my office, and you have.

That’s the good news. Parts of you might feel deadened, but not enough to have given up. And so our paths cross. 🙂

So I get to ask: What is it that’s keeping you from being completely alive? What is it that keeps you from experiencing absolute joy? Great sex? True love? And not necessarily in that order…

Chances are the very thing that keeps you from experiencing wonder, and happiness and love, and joy is the same mechanism that protects you from pain, rejection, deep feelings of loss, and general unhappiness. It is the instinct of self-preservation that sometimes leads to withdrawal, numbing, shut down, and other ways to disassociate. The problem is, we don’t shut down and just pieces. We don’t numb our heart to pain without effecting its ability to experience love. We don’t shut down our mental pain without tampering with its ability to experience euphoria. And behaviorally, we cannot avoid rejection without building a life of isolation and loneliness. It is part of the human condition to struggle, to experience loss, and even to experience pain. The other side of the coin is all of that which is wonderful.

So by now, perhaps some of this is sounding familiar.  Even if you recognize yourself as someone who has lost the ability to enjoy their lives, know that it is only temporary. Know that you can find your way back to yourself, to your loved ones, to happiness.

I so believe in your ability to make that return back to your life that I am asking you to partner with me in your return back from the walking dead. Join me in a FREE six week, Return to Life, Master Class.

Sign up for free and participate from wherever you are and a time that works for you. Starting May 1st, every Thursday for 6 weeks I will send you a Master Class email and exercise to work on during the week. There will be homework and additional resources. You get out of it what you put into it. So make it your own.

Know that you will be required to be vulnerable, but in a way that is safe and you can be at ease. And know that being willing to be vulnerable will be the thing that opens your heart and your mind to the love and life that is waiting for you.

So, I really hope you join me in this challenge and sign up today to access your Return to Life, Master Class.

Looking Forward, Carmen Isais

Carmen Isais

Carmen Isais

Coach & Counsultant
Carmen Isais, MA CHT offers confidential, fee-for-service, consultation and coaching services to help both men and women move through tough issues, find meaning, connection and create a life they love. Her practice combines practical advice, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes. Email to contact Carmen directly.
Carmen Isais


Life Coach & Relationship Consultant. I help people find meaning, connection and create a life they love. Get free coaching at .
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