Carmen Isais, MFT-T | Write Now Inspiration - 5 Questions To Get Started
5 questions that will help you get started on writing your "now" that will ultimately lead to mindfulness.
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5 Questions to Help Write “Now”

5 Questions to Help Write “Now”

A few weeks ago I joined my friend Cody Mckibben’s Mastermind Group and was encouraged to share what was current in my life and in my business. This resulted in a new permanent page on my website, which is simply entitled, “Now“.

Writing my Now I was surprised at what I was immediately able to tap into– what I had been carrying with me and what needed to surface.

Simultaneously, there was a clarity to my current goals. I understood immediately what I should be doing next and the steps that would follow. I could see the path I was on and felt clear about the direction it would take me…

At least in the short term.

Which is the very point if the Now page and this exercise.

While gurus (and corny memes) preach about living in the moment we are hardly given concrete ways of doing so.


“Just Breathe” — Ok, but now what?

Being powerfully related to the here and now requires attention and awareness. Most of the time, however, our brains have us dwelling in the past, or leap-frogging into the future. Unless we have some training and practice, seldom do we find ourselves naturally in the moment.

There are many roads to Mindfulness. I encourage my clients to try them all, until they find a daily practice that works. Below is a quick list of questions you might answer for inspiration in access your “Now”.  If you don’t have a website, no problem. Grab a free one on or use Facebook Notes as a substitute. I encourage you to share this writing– it is an act of bravery, I know.

Write, Right NOW

    1. Where Have You Been?

      Big or small, what have you recently conquered in your life? Even getting over a long flu can give you enough downtime for some insight. Writing about what you have learned about where you’ve been, what you’ve been through is different that living in the past. By writing about your past from a place of where you are now, or what you have learned now, you put the past in it’s place— the space of “no longer”.

    2. What’s on your Big To-Do List?

      In this space, right now, what do your instincts tell you should be on your Life’s Calling “to do list”?

    3. Procrastinate Much?

      What have you been putting off? Why? Get honest! Get liberated. What are the challenges you perceive in moving closer to your goals? Share those in this space.

    4. Share Setbacks

      If you are in the habit of writing down your goals and have done so, you will know that there are times when we need to pull back and regroup. There are times when there is a lesson in not reaching your goals. Sharing setbacks on your Now page can help you process and cull the lessons and equity to be gained in “failing”. Sharing also can help others, so you in your writing know that there might be someone’s journey you are contributing to.

    5. Share Inspiration

      Maybe you are going through a quite, down time. That is ok too. If you find yourself without much going on to share, I encourage you to see what others are up to and let yourself be inspired. Share that inspiration.

And in case you need a little inspiration yourself today, I am sharing my own NOW page, which will change from time to time. I am also including the link to Derek Sivers Now Movement page, who is the inspiration for this post. Thank you, Derek!

As always, I look forward to seeing what you do with this post. Please share with me directly, or in the comments below, your own “Now” page. Looking forward…



Carmen Isais

Carmen Isais

Coach & Counsultant
Carmen Isais, MA CHT offers confidential, fee-for-service, consultation and coaching services to help both men and women move through tough issues, find meaning, connection and create a life they love. Her practice combines practical advice, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes. Email to contact Carmen directly.
Carmen Isais


Life Coach & Relationship Consultant. I help people find meaning, connection and create a life they love. Get free coaching at .
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