Fees for Therapy

My fees are in line with other mental health professionals with equivalent training and education. I do maintain some designated spaces for low-fee patients, who cannot afford psychotherapeutic treatment without an adjustment. I am happy to address questions about the fee via a free phone consult prior to our first session.

The standard fee for a 50-minute session is $160 for individuals and $175 for couples. Payments can be paid in cash, by check, money order, or credit card; preferably paid ahead or session-by-session. If you are contacting me for coaching services from a country different than the USA we can talk about your needs and circumstances. 

Cancellations:   After an appointment is made you are responsible for the full fee if you do not provide 24 hour’s notice. The cause of missing a session is of no consequence: this policy is not punitive; it is to cushion me from the vicissitudes of your life. The only exception to this policy about cancellation is if you would endanger yourself by attempting to come (or connect) or if you, or someone whose caregiver you, have fallen ill suddenly.  

Sliding Scale Fees

I am able to offer sliding-scale (low-cost) fees through Registered Associate Therapists working under my clinical supervision as they gain her clinical hours toward full psychotherapy licensure. Learn more about these clinicians by clicking on a profile below.

Registered Associate Therapists
Amy Yockus Hartman

Amy Yockus Hartman, ACSW

Tamie Cox

Tamie Cox, APPC

Eloise Gerken, AMFT

Brandi Bell, AMFT

Therapist Trainees
Certified Coach
Crystal Garcia

Crystal Garcia, Integrative Coach