Post Graduate Training & Study

3/2020 Advanced Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals

1/2020 Certified Hatha Teacher Training

10/2019 Empirically Validated Treatments in Couples Therapy for Traumatized Individuals

3/2019 Law and Ethics of  Psychotherapy Practice in California

12/2018 Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

9/2018 Symbolic Process in Jungian Sandplay Therapy 

9/2018 The Realtional Field in Jungian Sandplay Therapy

8/2018 Positive Psychology: The New Science of Happiness

8/2018 Attachment Dynamics of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

6/2018 Ethical Decision Making in Play Therapy Supervision

3/2018 Law & Ethics 2018

2/2018 Scared of Shots: Play Therapy and Coping with Medical Anxiety

2/2018 Play Therapy and Family Assessments

1/2018 Mindfulness Schools Educator Essentials

1/2018 Foundations in Motivational Interviewing

12/2017 CEUS Technological Advances and Considerations in Play Therapy

12/2017 Brain Structure and Function in Play Therapy: Interview, Assessment, and Treatment Planning

12/2017 The Neurobiological Properties that Foster Psychological Healing and Development in Jungian Sandplay

12/2017 Play Therapy in a School Setting

12/2017  APT Conference: Neurobiology of Play-Why Play Therapy Matter

10/2017 Psychoanalysis & Tibetan Buddhism

7/2017 Mindfulness Fundamentals

5/2017  Specialized Family Therapy (SFT) Certificatation

6/2017   How to Rewire the Traumatized Brain

9/2015 Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach Certification

12/2013  Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

1/2013 Psychology of Victimhood

8/2012 Hypnobirthing Practioner Certification

4/2011 Hypnotherapy Trainer’s Training (Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer Certification NGH)

8/ 2010 Neurolinguistic Programs Master Practitioner Certification

7/2009 Neurolinguistic Programs Coaching Certification

3/2008 Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification