Today, on this bright Sunday, we celebrate Mother’s Day, a day that holds so much beauty, love, and appreciation. It is a day full of joy, laughter, and the warmth that only a mother’s love can bring. But for some of us, it’s a day that carries a different weight, a day that evokes a profound sense of longing, a reminder of an empty space that once was filled with unconditional love and boundless care.

To my fellow motherless daughters, I see you, I feel you, I am you.

Losing your mother at an early age is like losing a part of yourself. She is your first love, your first teacher, your first friend, and when she’s gone, it feels like the world has tilted on its axis. You stumble, you fall, and for a while, you’re not sure how to stand again. You long for her advice, her comfort, her laughter, her presence. You miss the way she held your hand, her scent, her voice, her soulful eyes that always saw the best in you, even when you were at your worst.

There is an ache that never quite leaves, a silent longing that hums in the background of your happiest moments, a pang that hits you when you see other mothers and daughters sharing their love openly. It’s a club no one ever wants to join, yet here we are, navigating life’s ups and downs without our mothers by our sides.

But remember this, dear sisters, our mothers may be gone, but they are not absent.

Their love is woven into the fabric of who we are. They exist in the way we laugh, in the way we love, in the strength we show during tough times, in the resilience we exhibit when we fall and get back up. They are in the kindness we share, in the courage we muster, in the wisdom we dispense. Every good deed, every brave decision, every selfless act, is a testament to the women who brought us into this world and nurtured our spirits.

On this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate them. Let’s honor them by living our lives fully, courageously, and passionately. Let’s remember their laughter, their advice, their warmth. Let’s share the stories of their love and their strength, for they continue to live in us, through us.

Remember, it’s okay to cry, to feel the loss deeply. It’s okay to miss them, to yearn for them. Grief is not a linear process; it ebbs and flows, and some days are harder than others. Be gentle with yourself.

Know that you are not alone in this journey. There are others like you, like us, who understand that unique pain. Reach out, share, connect, because there’s a special strength in shared experiences, in knowing that you’re not alone.

To all the motherless daughters on this Mother’s Day, I send you my love, my understanding, and my solidarity. You are strong, you are loved, and you carry within you the legacy of incredible women. Carry it with pride, with love, with grace.

Happy Mother’s Day, to us, to them, forever entwined in love that transcends time and space. And to the mothers we carry in our hearts, thank you. We miss you, we love you, always and forever.