Coaching Versus Counseling

In simplistic terms, a therapist’s role is to heal the wounds of the past, while coaching supports you in moving your life forward. Coaching does not focus on “why” but “what’s next?” It shifts the client from an origin-focused to solution-based approached.

Coaching is well suited to a goal-oriented person who prefers to make choices focused on creating a specific future and outcome.

Coaching as an Option

Coaching is a refreshing approach to personal and professional growth that helps you achieve identified goals and make your unique contributions with focus and ease. Coaching trains you to stop biting the hook that gets you stuck in old dramas, stressful interactions, and emotional suffering. Instead, you learn to shift your attention into the present moment, focus on the intentions that hold meaning and value to you, and take effective action.

A coach supports you to define your goals, and stay on target towards achieving them by taking regular, manageable steps that lead to satisfaction in all areas of your life. Be more effective with time and money. Enjoy greater physical vitality. Be more creative and adventurous. Have stronger relationships. In just a few sessions, you will gain clarity, confidence and renewed vision.

Coaching empowers you with simple pragmatic tools so that your life experience expands. Daily tasks become rewarding, and interactions with others become authentic. Would you like your life to be easier and more fulfilling? All it takes is a choice to begin.